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We assign you a Content Specialist, he will research your company, your competitors, and everything related to your niche, based on our specialist consultation, we will create the content for your social media and share industry related articles that benefit your pages and company.


We post for you on a daily basis, and we post amazing content. This saves you from searching and creating cautivating  content and remembering to post regularly



Our Social Media Specialists at are trained to find and create unique, interesting content that speaks to the your target audience. This makes a big difference in the effectiveness of social media campaings

Peace of mind

By hiring us for your social media management, one less thing to plan for you to have one less thing to worry about one less thing to manage on a daily basis


Social content goes out daily, this way you can rest assured that when someone sees your business social media profiles, they will know your business is well and alive

Credibility and Authority

All our content is industry relevant content this demonstrates expertise in topics related to a your business, which boosts your authority and credibility in the eyes of your audience. BoostSocial helps show the world that the you knows your business


Engagement and Community Building

Our goal is to create content that encourages engagement with your audience. Conversation igniters, well-placed questions and compelling calls to action. That interaction helps you  increase your loyal following base, this way building a strong, engaged online community.


Search engines know that a strong social media presence is an indicator that a company is active and legitimate. BoostPilot’s Campaign Specialists use your Profile Questionnaire to find keywords related to your business, then we use hashtags to enhance the SEO benefits within the social networks as well as on the search engines.

Customized Attention

Each business is different and has different and specific needs. Our  Campaign Specialists research your industry, and your  target market. This allows us to post highly relevant content that is customized to the audience you are trying to reach.


There are many benefits to businesses using BoostSocial for their social media needs. These benefits add up to a value far greater than our service price

High Quality Content Every Day

You’ll receive unique content created specifically for your business, posted EVERY DAY to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Never worry about missing a post again!


High quality content posted every day to the most important social media platforms


Articles and images carefully chosen to interest your target audience


Consistent use of hashtags to increase your chances of being found in social searches



Unique content, specifically created for your business


Weekly promotion of your company’s products and services


Top-notch support via email, phone, and chat. We’re here to help!


Gain loyal clients every day

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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Want to know more?

Who will be working on my small business social media accounts?

A well seasoned and dedicated Social Campaing Specialist will be the one finding, crating and sharing content for your accounts.

How will you know what to post for my company?

Once we receive your order, your dedicated Content Specialist will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. By the time the first post hits Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Twitter, your Content Specialist will know what your audience is looking for. This is the key to effectively use Social Media!

What if I have specific promotions, products, or specials that I want you to promote?

You will have a dedicated Social Media Marketing Specialist with unlimited online support

Can I still post on my profiles?

Yes, They belong to you, and you can be involved as much or as little as you like.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.